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Class Descriptions:

Kids Class: In this class, students will learn the five sounds of flamenco footwork and will gain a foundation in flamenco body movement as well as rhythms. In the kids class, children will learn how to dance por tangos and how to begin to use basic footwork. They will also learn different combinations associated with coordination and moving across the floor. Ages 5-12

Beginner Class: In this class, students learn sevillanas and tangos as well as how to do palmas associated with the palo, the rhythm.

Intermediate Class: This class starts with foundational elements and throughout the year we grow from foundation to more rhythmic and stylized footwork. Students also learn eight turns, combinations and recursos de baile (tool for dance). Students are taught in concert based choreography. Material that is being danced in concert by the teachers will be taught in the choreography class.

Our Instructors:


Jesus Muñoz is one of the rising stars in American Flamenco. Born in McAllen, Texas, he began his training in New Mexico at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts, dancing with the renowned Albuquerque based group, Yjastros; the renowned Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco; and later with Carlota Santana’s Vivo Flamenco. He created his own company, Jesus Muñoz Flamenco in 2007 and also founded the non-profit Flamenco school, Casa Flamenca. In 2010, Muñoz was invited to co-direct the Detroit-based, La Chispa and Company, and in 2013 he performed as a soloist for the NYC exhibit 100 years of Flamenco in New York City at Lincoln Center. He also recently did the choreography for Rudolfo Anaya’s Rosalinda as well as creating several works for the National Hispanic Cultural Center, entitled Red Note & 1929. Muñoz is one of few Flamenco choreographers/dancers in the world to elaborate on primitive rhythms, as seen in his work, Red Note, and as such that piece has been published by the ministry of Dance and Culture in Madrid, Spain. Muñoz also teaches extensively, having co-published a Flamenco curriculum in NYC with Carlota Santana in 2009.


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