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Internships and Work Study:

Fundraising Intern: This position is for someone with good interpersonal and organizational skills. They will be in charge of managing a fundraising plan and work closely with the programming and events intern to put on fundraising performances and community events. They will be in charge of being in communication with long-term donors as well as actively seeking ways to bring in more donors.

Programming and Events Intern: This intern will work closely with the board of directors and the executive director. They will be in charge of programming flamenco performances in events including community outreach, advertisement, and communication with artists. They will update social media sites and our website. This is a position for someone with great organizational skills and creativity as they will also be helping to plan what events they think would fit the community.

Flamenco Dance Teacher Intern: This position is for people who have at least one year of Flamenco dance experience and have strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Also for those looking to start a career in flamenco dance and teaching. You will work closely with the artistic director, Jesús Muñoz, and other full time flamenco teachers to learn about the dance curriculum that we use. You will get first hand experience in teaching flamenco as well as have the opportunity to develop your own artistic abilities in flamenco.

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